Exadel E7 1.1.0 (beta) – bridge between Business Process Management and Enterprise Java

Exadel E7 1.1.0 (beta) has been released and can be downloaded here. E7 now comes with Drools support.

By leveraging BPM (Business Process Management) and connecting it to Java implementation and development, E7 bridges the gap between these processes in an automated manner.

Integration of best-in-class open source frameworks RIA (RichFaces, Flex, JavaFX), Seam, jBPM, JBoss ESB and Drools to create a comprehensive development platform.

  • Designed for flexibility, use only the frameworks you need. No lock-in. A la carte mingling based on your needs
  • Glues open source components together to enhance their capabilities and simplify development
  • Build, Deploy and Manage deployments using best-in-class Open Source Frameworks
  • Offers end-to-end service approach for application modeling, development, deployment and execution in a uniform way
  • Provides for agile, rapid application development for reduced Time to Market
  • Leverages RIA and web-based applications to enhance services consumption
  • Facilitates easy consumption of services

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