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The entire Exadel team is super excited to launch

First, some history. has come a very long way since its roots as a prototype-building tool. Because of its heritage, the service is great at rapidly building mobile apps using a visual IDE. However, the product is now a complete cloud-based platform with integrated backend services and a rich catalog of plug-ins that make it easy to integrate with cloud services (including enterprise systems such as We are introducing a new brand to reflect the evolution of as well as to support where our platform is headed. .

A Complete Mobile Platform

An app is not just UI. An app is not just backend services. A true mobile app is UI, plus mobile backend services, and access to 3rd party APIs. is unique because it is the only cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services. The platform has the following features:

  • Visual, drag and drop UI builder (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, libraries such as jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, etc)
  • 3rd party REST API services
  • Out-of-the-box API Plug-ins to services such as, Aetna CarePass, ESPN, AT&T and many more. You can always connect to any API of your choice
  • Backend services
    • Database
    • Push Notifications
    • User Management
    • File storage
  • HTML5 app hosting
  • iOS and Android Binary build
  • Secure Enterprise Integration with Exadel RESTXpress

As you can see, is complete mobile platform offering cloud-based visual development tools for UI, and cloud-based backend services and API tools.

We will continue to invest in to make it even more powerful. As an example, the service already provides access to the source code via the new Source view. Soon, we’ll allow you to edit the source to provide even more flexibility. You’ll see many more new features in coming releases. We are working on Server-side code feature where you will be able to write custom server code and invoke it in your app. We are also working on versioning and source control features. And of course adding even more API plug-ins.


All your apps have been migrated to and you will stay on the subscription plan. We do now offer a single and simplified pricing. You can always change to any of our new plans.

New Links and Getting Help

Our new links


Help and docs:




Facebook: – Please Like us on our new page


Support email:

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the links above to contact us.

Thank you,

The very proud team.

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4 responses to “ – The Mobile App Platform”

  1. When will source editing be available? Great so far however I will have to give this excellent service a miss because of that feature.

    1. We are working on it…(it’s not a simple feature)

      1. Thank you, Any idea of a rough, stab in the dark, time frame ?

        1. Early summer.

          A question for you. When you switch to source view and make changes, would you expect to go back and continue working in visual view?

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