Scaling Developer Success Podcast

I was a guest on the Peritus Scaling Developer Success podcast. I chatted with Robin Purohit, CEO of Peritus. We talked about DevRel, success in DevRel and some no-code. Listen to the podcast episode.More

Why Developer Advocates Should Try New Things

Developer Advocates at many organization can usually work on different things. One day they can build a demo application, help with support, improve the documentation, work on an SDK, work on a blog post or a tutorial, and host an event. I love this about Developer Advocacy – you usually have flexibility and freedom to…More

Video: How Would You Explain DevRel To Your Grandparents?

Someone asked me this question recently: How would you explain what you do to your grandparents? I thought this is a great question. It can also be rephrased as: How would you explain DevRel to your grandparents? You will find many definitions for Developer Relations. Some of them are long or even full articles. What…More