Learning JSF 2

This page contains links to my Learning JSF 2 series.

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Ajax in RichFaces 3.3.x, JSF2, and RichFaces 4


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  2. Very good articles!
    Are there any plans for a new post from this series? I am specially interested in seeing more about: “a topic closely related to navigation is page parameters and how they are propagated”.

  3. I’m working on exact that topic right now.

  4. Claus Hausberger Avatar
    Claus Hausberger

    Great articles. For the future I would like to learn more about best practices for using JSF 2, CDI and EJB 3.1 together. CDI is rather new and I think many are still not sure how to use it in the best ways together with JSF 2.


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  6. Session usage…

    1)      I made some changes linked with session usage. All objects that were kept in JSF session (FacesContext.getCurrentInstance.getExternalContext.getSessionMap()) are now kept in workplaceUser session bean,……

  7. Erstellung einer asynchronen JSF-WebApplikation mit Persistenz nach dem MVC-Pattern…

    Erstellung einer asynchronen JSFWebApplikation mit Persistenz nach dem MVCPattern In diesem Tutorial wird gezeigt,……