JSF, Flex, and Elections 2008

On the heels of elections this week, let me show you how you can use JSF and Flex to build nice looking Flash-based charts with elections results. To use JSF and Flex together, I will be using Exadel Fiji. Let’s start with electoral votes and use a column chart. Below is an example using rich:columnChart…More

Re rendering content not previously rendered

If you are just starting with RichFaces, it’s likely you will run into this case. … The page is rendered for the first time and #{bean.show} is evaluated to false. This means the panel grid is now rendered. Keep in mind, the actual component is still in the component tree. No HTML is being rendered…More

Using rich:ajaxValidator

One of the new components in RichFaces 3.2.2 is rich:ajaxValidator. One of the major features is that the validator works against Hibernate Validator. In other words, you mark a bean with Hibernate Validations annotations, and then use this tag. Very similar to Seam. It’s also possible to use this tag without Hibernate Validator annotations, we…More

RichFaces 3.2.2 GA

It’s been over a month now but I haven’t blogged about. RichFaces 3.2.2 GA has been released. This version comes with some cool components: rich:ajaxValidator rich:hotKey rich:graphValidator rich:beanValidator Here is a post from Sergey on what’s new in this release. I’ll cover some of the new components in the coming weeks. Want to learn all…More

RichFaces focus attribute

Did you ever need to set a focus on a particular component after a request? In RichFaces, you can set the focus attribute to point to an id of a component to which focus should be set after the request. All components that send an Ajax request to the server have this attribute. Using it…More