JSFDays*09, Vienna, Austria

JSFDays*09 will be held for the second year in beautiful Vienna, Austria on April 1-3, 2009. The conference is full of JSF superstars: Ed Burns, Matthias Wessendorf, Martin Marinschek, Cagatay Civici, Kito Mann, Pete Muir, Pourya Harirbafan and many more. It’s going to be a great conference. I have two sessions and a full day…More

Keeping rich:panelMenu state

This example is in response to this post. The solution uses two managed beans, one in request and one in session scope. The session bean will keep the menu state. You can easily extend this example to use Seam. I need to remember two things. First is which group was opened/closed and second which item…More

United 1K again

I made it United 1K again. This means I flew more then 100,000 miles this year. I did have to do a number of mileage runs (I flew a little bit less as my daughter was born this year), but trust me it’s worth it. Being an elite flyer, the travel experience is usually enjoyable…More

Two articles in Top 10 on JavaLobby.com of 2008

Two articles I wrote are in JavaLobby’s Top 10 Articles of 2008 by James Surgue. Thank you, it’s nice to be in top ten. Interview: John De Goes Introduces a Newly Free Source Code Editor An Introduction To JBoss RichFaces (by me) The Best Java Tools You Never Knew Existed Using JSF and Flex Components…More

XML-less JSF Navigation

Cagatay Civici posted a very neat example of using JSF navigation without XML (without defining navigation rules in JSF configuration file). I simplified the custom navigation handler even further. It is safe to assume that most people today use Facelets (I do in all my projects and trainings, plus it’s going to be used in…More

JavaFX – Rich Internet Applications with Java

Tomorrow, December 4th, 2008 JavaFX 1.0 is going to be released. JavaFX is a new open source scripting language that runs inside the new, more lightweight, but still familiar, Java runtime environment. I’m (mildly) excited. Excited – Java is a great technology for building web user interfaces, but it failed in a few areas in…More