RichFaces – filtering with custom function

In my previous post, I have shown how to use built-in filtering in RichFaces. The basic filtering uses startsWith() method to filter. This is fine but you might have a situation where you need to write your own custom filtering method. To keep things simple, let’s apply custom filtering to Name column only. For Location…More

RichFaces – using built-in filtering

I have shown you how to use RichFaces built-in sorting feature. Let me show you how to use built-in filtering. We are going to use the same 7 Wonders of the World table. To get basic filtering working is simple. Here is how the page looks: Name Location Image For each column for which we…More

RichFaces built-in sorting – via external contros

Continuing the sorting series, let’s see how to use external controls to sort the 7 New Wonders of the World. In the first post we used the column headers, now we are going to use buttons outside the table for sorting. Let’s first look at changes to the page. Name Location Image For the two…More

RichFaces built-in sorting

Sorting data in a table is a common task. Luckily, RichFaces comes out-of-the-box with basic sorting. To make it a little bit more interesting I will use 7 New Wonders of the World data from Wikipedia instead of plain User or Account data. All images are linked from Wikipedia as well. In this post I…More

RichFaces confirmation dialog #3

As one reader pointed out here, reusing Facelets custom tag confirmation dialog wasn’t possible because the component id was hard coded. Placing more than one tag on a page would give duplicate id error. I will show you how to pass an id to the custom. Once we can do that, it’s possible to place…More

Dependency Injection

When I do custom on-site JSF/RichFaces training and explain Dependency Injection (DI), people who never had experience with DI before finding it not always easy to grasp what it is. There are two great tutorials that can help with understanding the concepts. One is here written by Rick Hightower and one here written by Jakob…More

RichFaces confirmation dialog #2 – custom tag

As promised, this is the same Confirmation dialog as here but now it’s packaged as a Facelet custom tag so it’s much easier to reuse. .rich-mpnl-body {text-align: center} Line #9 is a new name space for the custom tag. Line #19 is where I’m using the new custom tag. I’m passing in two things; button…More