Difference between JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Tools

I get this question a lot: What is the difference between JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Tools. You basically get the same set of features and plug-ins (JSF, RichFaces, Seam, Visual page editor, Hibernate, jBPM and more) in JBoss Tools as in JBDS, however, JBDS adds the following: An installer Eclipse and Web Tools preconfigured…More

Speaking at The Ajax Experience 2008, Boston

At the end of September I’m speaking at The Ajax Experience 2008 in Boston. My talk is on technologies available today for building enterprise Rich Internet Applications. Link: Enterprise Rich Internet Application Tools: JSF, Flex, and JavaFXMore

RichFaces with Tomcat 6

To quickly get started with RichFaces on Tomcat 6, follow these easy steps: Download richfaces-tomcat6.zip template Start from step #2 in this post (this post has template for running RichFaces on Tomcat 5.5) to import the project into JBoss Developer Studio or JBoss Tools To check if everything works correctly, type this address in the…More

Creating JSF phase listener

Understanding the JSF life cycle is very important for understanding how JSF works. It’s also very useful for debugging. For example, if you pass phases 1-3 and then jump to phase 6, this usually means there were conversion/validation errors. Knowing what phases were passed, you need to create a simple phase listener. Here is the…More

Building User Interfaces with JSF: Declarative vs. Programmatic Approach

When we are using JSF tags to build the user interface, we are using the declarative approach. With declarative approach we can visualize the hierarchy of the user interface. Let’s see how it’s possible to produce the same user interface using both approaches. We will build the following simple panel: Here is an example of…More

Using RichFaces book

As my publisher (Apress) is still working on creating a web site for my book, here is a quick overview of that’s going to be in the book. The official book title is Using RichFaces. The book is a compact guide that covers all the most important components, features and concepts in order to for…More

New JSFOne session: Using JSF and Flex Components Together

Besides my previously scheduled sessions JBoss RichFaes and Rich Internet Applications Tools: JSF/RichFaces, Flex, and JavaFX I’m doing a new session on Using JSF and Flex Components Together. Here is the session abstract: This session will demonstrate a simple way to use JSF and Flex components on the same page and application while binding them…More