Exadel @ JavaOne 2008

Exadel is going to exhibit at JavaOne for the 5th straight year. This year we are exhibiting at JBoss booth #734. Come and talk to us about your enterprise RIA plans and everything else. We are going to be showing lots of cool stuff; JBoss Developer Studio, JBoss RichFaces, Exadel Flamingo and Exadel dVision. With…More

Dissatisfied with JSF?

It’s not difficult to find forums, blog postings and other resources from people who are just starting with JSF and are dissatisfied with the framework to say the least. Most people who are starting with JSF are coming from JSP, Struts, or a similar built-in-house framework. When they start evaluating JSF, they bring the same…More

Links for 2008-04-15

Exadel dVision Exadel dVision Certified for MySQL Enterprise 5. An introduction to RichFaces Add desktop-like features to your browser applicationsMore

JBoss RichFaces 3.2 and RichFaces book

JBoss RichFaces 3.2.0 was released last week. Some of the new components and features include: Combo Box Inplace Input Inplace Select Progress Bar File Upload Pick List This is also a good opportunity to announce that I’m writing a book about JBoss RichFaces. It will be published by Apress.com. The plan is to have the…More

JavaFX sessions at JavaOne 2008

Based on the number of JavaFX sessions at JavaOne, Sun is trying to push it pretty hard and will likely make a big announcement regarding JavaFX release. JavaFX sessions at JavaOne. Exadel is going to JavaOne this year. We have been exhibitors for the past 4 years. One of the products we are going to…More

In Vienna, JSFDays*08

Arrived in Vienna yesterday for JSFDays*08 conference. Listening to Ed Burn’s keynote session right now. Come and talk to me, I would love to talk to you about RichFaces and your RIA plans.More