JSFDays*08: new session

I was going to do two sessions on JBoss RichFaces at JSFDays*08 conference. I realized that I can do a good overview of RichFaces in just one session with two technical examples. I replaced my second session with JSF/RichFaces, Flex, JavaFX as basis for RIAs. Enterprise IT managers must decide today what presentation technology to…More

Links for 2008-03-04

Hello, Flex, Silverlight and JavaFX When JavaFX joins Flex and Silverlight – we will have three technologies play the RIA battle. Flex so far it the clear winner but when JavaFX is released, it will be a worthy candidate as it’s based on Java and will be a natural choice for many organizations.More

JSFDays*08, JBoss RichFaces sessions details

As I blogged here, I’m speaking JSFDays*08 conference in Vienna, March 12-14th. I want to give more details on my sessions. Here are my sessions at JSFDays*08: March 12, 14:00-14:45 Introduction to JBoss RichFaces As the sessions are short, I’m will do a rather quick introduction to JBoss RichFaces, and then go straight into actual…More

JBossWorld 08 Recap

I’m back from JBoss World. Here is a recap and some highlights. JBoss RichFaces. Virtually everyone is already using or planning to use RichFaces. That’s very good. Some folks even came to me and told me how much they love the product! Exadel dVision. The dVision release was announced just before JBoss World. It is…More

I'm speaking at JSFDays*08, Vienna, March 12-14, 2008

JSFDays*08 is the international conference on JavaServer Faces technology. It helps experts and professional users of JavaServer Faces and related technologies to share their knowledge on JSF. The event will take place in Vienna, Austria, from March 12th to 14th 2008. I’m doing two session on JBoss RichFaces on March 12, Introduction to JBoss RichFaces…More

Lots of things happening…

I was doing JSF/RichFaces training in Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI last week. I got to experience a decent snow storm. I was glad to be back in California. Today I’m flying to Orlando, to JBossWorld conference. No snow there. Very exciting news are coming out of Exadel this week. First, we have released…More

Got an exception? Call your insurance agent

I was looking at my car insurance bill and got the message below (click on image). Look what it says at the top, “Technical error has occurred. Please contact your agent“. I wonder if my agent knows what’s a NullPointerException. I’m sure there is a better way to handle an exception than to print a…More