Leaving to EclipseWorld in Reston, VA

I’m off to EclipseWorld in Reston, VA tomorrow. I’m teaching two class, Developing Rich Internet Applications With JSF and AJAX and Using Eclipse to Build Web 2.0 Applications With JSF, Seam and AJAX . If you are using or planning to use JavaServer Faces to build Web UI’s, those sessions will show you to use…More

OpenSourceLive JSF and RichFaces training in Portland

I’m teaching a 3-day public JSF and JBoss RichFaces training in Portland, November 16-18th. It’s an excellent opportunity to quickly upgrade your skills and start using JSF and RichFaces to build Rich Internet Applications. There is a second track that is taught by Sang Shin and will cover topics such as Hibernate and Spring. For…More

Article in AjaxWorld Magazine

I wrote an article in late Spring that was published in AjaxWorld magazine, you can check it out here: http://ajax.sys-con.com/read/417656.htm Since then a few things have happened. Ajax4jsf was merged into JBoss RichFaces, so now there is just one product that’s called JBoss RichFaces. All Ajax4jsf controls are basically inside RichFaces product. It’s a lot…More

EclipseWorld 2007, November 6-8th, Reston, VA

I’m presenting for the third time at EclipseWorld 2007, in Reston, VA. The previous two times it was held in Boston and New York City. I have two sessions on Thursday, November 8th in the morning. The first one is about building Rich Internet Applications with JSF and JBoss RichFaces components and the other one…More

I'm back…

Sorry for the absence, it’s been a while since I posted anything. I’m back. So, what’s new? I have been traveling around the country and doing a lot of JSF and AJAX (RichFaces) training. Just Yesterday I got back from LA, I was invited to present at LA JUG (http://www.lajug.org/). The topic was ‘Rich Internet…More

SD West 2007 – Building RIA with JSF and AJAX session

I was at SD West 2007 last Friday in Santa Clara. My session was Building Rich Internet Applications with JSF and AJAX. A big crowd showed up and almost everyone is already using or going to be using JSF. Another proof that JSF becoming the standard for building Web applications today. Download my examples from…More

You think AJAX is challenging?

If you think AJAX is challenging, check out this video. Any one who ever skied or snowboarded will find this video amazing. So, what do you think? AJAX development or this easy black diamond?More

Exadel Studio Pro is now FREE!

Exadel Studio Pro version 4.0.4 is now free and available for download from http://www.exadel.com. It has a trial period until May 15th. After that, it will be re branded as Red Hat Developer Studio. If you are confused about this, check out my earlier post about Exadel and Red Hat. There is also a new…More