Exadel Studio Pro reborn in JBoss Developer Studio 1.0

This week RedHat/JBoss released JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 (or JBDS). The product is loaded with features, you can read more here . A big part of the functionality is coming from Exadel Studio Pro, more specifically JSF/RichFaces tools. You can still download an older version of Exadel Studio Pro for Eclipse 3.2.2, but of course I recommend to get JDBS. If you don’t want to pay $99 for JDBS subscription, you can easily download JBoss Tools plug-ins, WTP 2.0.1 (wtp-all-in-one version 2.0.1 comes with Eclipse) and put it all together.

If you’re developing your application using JSF and RichFaces, using all the visual and source tools from JDBS will increase your productivity and you will make less errors during development. I have been using Exadel Studio Pro (and now will JBoss) in all my training classes. Usually after first day people are amazed how this tool simplifies development. Give it try!

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