Quick start with RichFaces

During our webinar today a question was asked how to configure RichFaces in web.xml? Well, it’s very simple, you basically have to register a filter and add three RichFaces Jar files. The filter is described here and the Jar files can be downloaded here. I decided to provide a sample project template with RichFaces (version 3.1.3 GA) support included. You don’t have to do anything. You can run the application (it has one page with rich:panel control) or open it in your favorite IDE and start developing.

Download project template.

If you are using JBoss Developer Studio or JBoss Tools, follow these steps to import the project:

  1. Select File/Import
  2. Select Other/JSF Project
  3. Point to web.xml location in the project. Click Next
  4. Keep all default values. Click Finish

That’s it.

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