Online JSF training

While I have been writing more about JavaFX, I haven’t forgotten about JSF. In fact, we are about to release the next version of Exadel’s online JSF training. It’s self-paced (finish in 3 days or 3 weeks), online JSF training with about 24 different topics that cover all the JSF features. Each topic comes with reading material, hands-on examples and an assignments to turn in. All assignments will be graded by us. Additionally, you get a private forum where you can ask us any JSF-related questions. You get much more than just reading a book, we will be there to help you and give you feedback.

The training also includes a four-part JSF project that you build throughout the training. The last parts shows you one of the ways to use JSF and Hibernate together.

I expect the pricing to stay the same, at $495 per student.

Drop me a note if you have any questions or looking for additional information.


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