Run RichFaces in portals with newly released JBoss Portal Bridge

Check out our demo of JBoss Portlet Bridge running plain JSF Web application and RichFaces (Live Demo) applications as portlets in Liferay. You can also run these applications in JBoss Portal and WebLogic Portal.

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4 responses to “Run RichFaces in portals with newly released JBoss Portal Bridge”

  1. Hi max,

    Where can i download the deployable WAR?


  2. I don’t think there is a WAR available yet, let me find out.

  3. Hi Max,

    it would be a pleasure to the community to provide everybody and for free your example code.
    If you are running this within LR and if it’s not only a fake there must be a war file.

    Thx a lot!
    Liferay User Group Germany

  4. We are going to make it available very soon.

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