Fiji: RichFaces project for Flex

Check out Richfaces for Flex project, know as Exadel Fiji. Fiji allows to use JSF and Flex components together on the same page while binding Flex components to standard JSF managed beans. Fiji also provides 7 out-of-the-box Flash-based charting components.

Suppose you need to embed a Flex chart in your JSF page, to deliver richer content. This is all you need to do:

JSF page:


Managed bean:

public class BarChartBean {
  public BarChartBean() {
  private Integer[] data;
  public Integer[] getData() {
	return data;
  public void init () {
	data = new Integer[5];
	data[0] = 5;
	data[1] = 2;
	data[2] = -3;
	data[3] = 10;
	data[4] = 9;

You will get this:

The most important thing is that you bind these components to standard JSF managed beans (or Seam components).

More Fiji resources

Fiji product page
Fiji demo
Fiji charting components (JSF, Flex and Elections)
Fiji article at


  1. Hassen says:

    hi max,

    how to integrate Fiji and JSF 2 (myfaces)? because update return error :

    faultCode:Server.Error.Request faultString:’HTTP request error’ faultDetail:’Error: [IOErrorEvent type=”ioError” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text=”Error #2032″]. URL: /helloworld/com/exadel/fiji/9cc8306c-78ae-4a4f-89ef-54515b6020e3.jsp’

  2. giftsam says:

    Hi Max,
    Is there any way to implement pie chart(with user given inputs) using FIJI components?

  3. max says:

    @giftsam: please post all questions on Fiji forum:

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