Seam hotel booking with JavaFX

More than a year ago Exadel used Flamingo RIA framework to create Flex and JavaFX interfaces for the popular Seam booking application in addition to standard JSF UI. You can still find the original applications running here. You can register once and login using any user interface.

Since we built the JavaFX interface last year, we used a preview version of JavaFX. We have started converting the JavaFX user interface to use the latest JavaFX version 1.2 and also use the new UI controls.

Once we are done, we will make the application (and sources) available for download. As this would be the first true JavaFX enterprise application, we will share our experience developing such application: what’s good, what’s not and what needs to be improved.

Screen shot of the new version:


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  1. Oh snap! Coming to my webstart when? 😀

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