RichFaces workshop in Nuremberg, Germany

I will be teaching a 1-day RichFaces workshop in Nuremberg, Germany during Herbstcampus conference. The workshop is Monday, September 14th. If you are starting a new RichFaces project, this is the perfect place to learn all the core concepts, tags and features in just one day. If you are already using RichFaces, this workshop will fill in many gaps in your knowledge, and you will also be introduced to concepts and features you might never known existed. And it’s all in just one day!

RichFaces workshop
Outline below
Monday, September 14th
More info… (on web site)

In addition to the workshop, I have two regular sessions:

Rich Enterprise Applications with JavaFX
Tuesday, September 15th
More info…

Building Rich Internet Applications with RichFaces
Wednesday, September 16th
More info…

Outline for the workshop:

  1. RichFaces core concepts
    1. Sending an Ajax request
    2. Partial view rendering
    3. Partial view processing
    4. View scope
    5. Using queues to control traffic
    6. More a4j:tags (a4j:repeat, a4j:status, a4j:actionparam, a4j:log and more)
  2. rich: tags
    1. Inputs, in-place edit
    2. Selects
    3. Validation
    4. Data iteration
    5. Menus
    6. Other
    7. RichFaces functions
  3. Skins
    1. Using out-of-the-box skins
    2. Creating custom skins
    3. Loading different skins in runtime
    4. Overwriting styles generated by skins
  4. RichFaces 4.0 and JSF 2 integration

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