Webinar: Learn how to add BIRT Reporting to JSF Applications with RichFaces

Exadel and Actuate are doing a webinar on how to add BIRT reporting to JSF application with RichFaces. Virgil Dodson, Developer Evangelist (Actuate) and myself will be presenting during the webinar.

Register here

In this technical session, you will be introduced to the popular open source Eclipse BIRT technology and learn how to easily add reporting and data visualizations to JSF web applications. You will find out about the capabilities of the BIRT designer and run-time engine and how to easily create tables, graphs, and charts using a drag-and-drop design paradigm.

You will then learn about the popular RichFaces JSF component library, the new integration available with BIRT, and see a demonstration on how to seamlessly add BIRT reports to JSF applications. Attendees will learn:

· About using the BIRT designer
· How to add rich data visualizations and reports based on BIRT into JSF applications
· How to wrap a BIRT report as a JSF component
· Techniques to pass parameters for more dynamic and filtered reports
· How to make page updates fast, using RichFaces’ AJAX capabilities

Register for the webinar here.


  1. Thanks Max for doing most of the hard work on the webinar. 🙂 For those who couldn’t make the webinar, I know you can download the JSF component library for BIRT from http://www.exadel.com/web/portal/download/jsf4birt. Can you put a link to the recorded webinar here when it becomes available too?

  2. Sajan says:


    Is there a recorded file of this webinar?


  3. max says:

    @Sajan: you can find the recording on this page: http://www.exadel.com/web/portal/webinars

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