RichFaces workshop during JSFdays 2010, Vienna, Austria

Next week (Thursday, Feb 25th) I will be teaching 1-day RichFaces workshop on the last day of JSFDays conference in Vienna, Austria. If you are new to RichFaces, this is an excellent opportunity to learn everything you need in just 1 day. RichFaces is very simple, yet powerful and flexible if you just know a few basics (1. sending an Ajax request, 2. partial tree processing, 3. partial page update, 4. using queues, 5. using component JS API).

I’ve been teaching RichFaces for over 4 years and I always tell my students, you really just need to be familiar with a few core concepts. That’s it, everything else is based on these concepts. Now, if you have been using RichFaces for some time, you will greatly benefit from the workshop as well. You will learn new features and concepts that you might not know existed. You don’t know how many times I heard form students that used RichFaces previously: “we didn’t know we can do that, now it makes sense, it’s so easy”.

All the core concepts are carried to using rich: tags as well. We will cover a few extra features such as using built-in RichFaces functions, component JavaScript API and facets. Again, once you know the basics, you can use any component in RichFaces. We will then cover using and customising skins. We will finish with RichFaces 4 and what features it adds on top of JSF 2 and specifically Ajax features.

You can review the outline for the workshop here. There is still time to register!

I’m also doing a general session on RichFaces on Tuesday, Feb 23rd. Exadel is a sponsor and we are going to have a table at the conference so stop by and say hello.

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