Exadel Fiji: new forum, issue tracker, JavaFX support, open source soon

Exadel Fiji extends JSF by allowing the use of Flex with JSF components and within a JSF page. It comes with ready-to-use charting components based on Flash as well as universal wrapper which allows to wrap any Flash component as JSF component.

We are working on Fiji version 2.0 which is going to be open source and also include a new tag to wrap any JavaFX applet as JSF component. We are going to host Fiji on exadel.org site. Work is still in progress but we have already made some changes to make it simpler for you to get involved. We now have a new Fiji forum on exadel.org (moved from Google Groups) and an issue tracker (Jira). This will enable you to request new features and enter any bugs you find. Once your register on exadel.org, you will be able to post on the forum and Jira.


  1. Josef Wagmann says:

    is there a roadmap for Fiji 2.0 available


  2. max says:

    This is the best place to see what’s planned: http://jira.exadel.org/browse/EFJC/fixforversion/10020 . You are welcome to add feature requests. Once you register on http://exadel.org, you will have access to Jira as well.

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