RichFaces 3.3.3 is released!

Congratulations to RichFaces team for releasing version 3.3.3. Although this version has basic JSF 2 support, if you are using JSF 1.2 you can upgrade to this version as it has the latest bug fixes and other improvements. With this release, the entire RichFaces team is now focused on pushing RichFaces 4.0 release out.

You can also check out Alex Smirnov’s (RichFaces architect, Exadel) post on portlet bridge support for this version and JSF 2.


  1. Júlio Adrian Miño Van Helden says:

    Hi Max, i have a question about the Richfaces datatable sortBy attribute.
    If we are using the sortBy attribute, the first time that we load the page, appears the arrows(up/down) in the header. After that, if we click in the header we will sort ascending or descending. I would like to know if there is an option to reset the sorting. I mean, reset the sorting again to the first scenario when we call the page at first time with the arrows (up/down) and no sorting.

    Thanks in advance,
    Júlio Helden

  2. max says:

    @Julio: so, you sort once and then want to remember this sorting next time when you access the page?

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