How to approach RichFaces training

If you are learning RichFaces, here is one approach you can take. These are the core features that you need to know. Once you have a good grasp on them, you will be able to use any rich components from the library. This will probably surprise you, but there is not a whole lot to learn in section 9. All the core concepts are in sections 1-8.

  1. Sending an Ajax request
    1. a4j:support
    2. a4j:commandButton, a4j:commandLink
    3. a4j:poll
    4. a4j:jsFunction
  2. Partial view rendering
    1. reRender attribute
    2. a4j:outputPanel (ajaxRendered attribute)
    3. Important attributes such as bypassUpdates, limitToList covered as well
  3. Partial view processing
    1. a4j:region (renderRegionOnly, selfRendered attributes)
    2. ajaxSingle attribute
    3. process attribute
  4. Controlling traffic
    1. a4j:queue
  5. JavaScript interactions
    1. onclick, onsubmit, obeforedomupdate, oncomplete attributes
  6. More a4j: tags
    1. a4j:status
    2. a4j:include
    3. a4j:keepAlive
    4. a4j:actionparam
    5. a4j:log
    6. a4j:repeat (with ajaxKeys attribute)
    7. a4j:ajaxListener
  7. RichFaces client-side functions
  8. Using rich: components JavaScript API
  9. rich: tags
    1. Output
      1. Simple output (layout)
      2. Toggle panels
    2. Inputs, in-place edit
    3. Selects
    4. Validation
    5. Data iteration
    6. Menus
    7. Other
  10. Skins
    1. Using out-of-the-box skins
    2. Creating custom skins
    3. Loading different skins in runtime
    4. Overwriting styles generated by skins
    5. Using component style attributes

If you need to get your team up to speed quickly, consider our 2 day on-site RichFaces training.

As always, to view all RichFaces components in action, visit the components demo page.

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