New Exadel Flamingo 2.2.0 is now on

After months of promising we have finally moved Exadel Flamingo to and released version 2.2.0. is our community site for hosting open source projects. Flamingo is a light weight framework for connecting rich web and mobile user interfaces to enterprise back end.

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Flamingo connects Seam, Spring, and Java EE 6 (soon via CDI/JSR299) with the following user interfaces:

  • JavaFX
  • Flash
  • iPhone/Android
  • Swing
  • JavaME

Version 2.2.0 is updated with Hessian 4 and JavaFX 1.3 support.

Server-side components, methods or services can be easily invoked from the above listed clients with minimal code. Flamingo provides the following features:

  • CRUD tools
  • Server-side integration
    • Calling server components/beans
    • Context variable binding/updating
    • Conversation support
    • Validation (Hibernate Validator)
    • EL support (Expression Language)
  • Server-side push
  • Client push (off line applications)

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As you can see from the image above, no matter what client you are using, invoking a method in your enterprise applications looks very similar which allows for great reuse.

How to get started?

  • Download Flamingo from
  • The following are good resources to get started or learn more about Flamingo.
  • Check out the recent Enterprise JavaFX and Seam series. This series shows most server integration features in separate post and easy to follow examples.
  • We want to hear your feedback, please use project Jira or the forum to report bugs or any features you would like to see.

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