RichFaces 3 to RichFaces 4

RichFaces 4 is not only JSF 2 based, but also undergoing a major upgrade on the framework level. Many components are being rewritten to increase performance, reduce markup size, and make them consistent across the board. RichFaces 4 is a major upgrade and brings many improvements:

  • All JavaScript is now based on jQuery
  • Ajax framework improvements extending the JSF 2 specification
  • Component review for consistency, usability, and redesign following semantic HTML principles
  • Both server-side and client-side performance optimization
  • Strict code clean-up and review
  • New and easy to use CDK (Component Development Kit)

Although core Ajax concepts are staying the same, RichFaces 4 brings many new changes because it is now based on JSF 2. RichFaces 4 adds many new features on top of JSF 2 through its advanced features, tags, customization, and flexibility. If you have been using RichFaces, this 1-day training will bring your team up to speed with everything new in RichFaces 4. If you have questions, please contact me at:

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