RichFaces 4.0 M2 is now available

RichFaces 4 is one more milestone closer to GA. This week JBoss and Exadel teams have released RichFaces 4 Milestone 2. This milestone includes:

  • New components: accordion, autocomplete, inplaceInput, and inputNumberSlider
  • Large scale stabilization to our core and CDK modules.
  • The RichFaces Showcase Demo now includes all the components
  • Support for cloud deployment is coming

For more details, head to this post by Jay Balunas. There is more information on Milestone 3 plans as well as final release.

If your team considering RichFaces 4, to get them up to speed faster, consider on-site RichFaces training or 1-day RichFaces 3 to 4 workshop.

Two other RichFaces events coming up:

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3 responses to “RichFaces 4.0 M2 is now available”

  1. Thanks for that update.

    Do you know when the cloud support will be available?

    Have you guys considered a component which is a drop down with tree structure. Say for example, there could be a status drop down, with sub-statuses. That kind of component would be awesome!



  2. Cloud support will definitely be there when GA is out (maybe even earlier).

    Add the component to RichFaces Jira ( It won’t be in 4.0, but could be added to future 4.x version. There is also going to be a much improved CDK (Component Development Kit). You could try creating such component yourself.

  3. […] you start using RichFaces 4 today? Absolutely. The latest version is milestone 2. Almost all the core features are already there and many components have been migrated as well. I […]

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