Hands-on with RichFaces at JavaOne

Due to some changes (of course beyond my control) I had to replace my original session Enterprise Applications with JavaFX and CDI with a new session called Hands-on with RichFaces.

Hands-on with RichFaces
Monday, September 20, 1:00PM | Hilton San Francisco, Golden Gate 2
RichFaces is a JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework with more than 100 Ajax components, skins, and themes and a component development kit. Although JSF 2 now offers basic Ajax functionality, a broader rich component library is still needed to build real-world Ajax applications. This session briefly covers JSF 2 Ajax features and the extra value the new RichFaces 4 adds on top of JSF 2 through its advanced features, tags, customization, and flexibility. In the session, live code examples demonstrate Ajax tags, advanced rendering features, the Ajax queue, partial table updates, integration with jQuery, skins, and more.

Hope to see you there.

There are two more sessions that will cover RichFaces:

As for JavaFX and CDI integration, you can try it by downloading a nightly build of Flamingo. There is more information in this post.

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