Exadel Tiggr: sharing feature [in pictures]

Another new feature in Tiggr is that now you can share the prototype (Web Preview version in browser) with your colleagues, friends, on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s take this prototype.

Sharing can be enabled from the main projects page by selecting Web Preview/Share in the project:

You will then see project sharing options:

There are two visibility levels right now right now:

  1. Share with everyone – anyone will be able to view the prototype in a web browser
  2. Only invited users – users will first need to login to Tiggr to view the prototype in a web browser

There are also two options as to what exactly to share:

  1. Share a URL – you can send it via email, share on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Embed HTML – embed a small image with project into any web page.

Link option: http://tiggr.exadel.com/tiggr/views/preview/3988/

Embedding option:

Use the orange arrow at the top to switch between screens.

Here is another example from this Eclipse Java Project prototype:
Link: View prototype

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6 responses to “Exadel Tiggr: sharing feature [in pictures]”

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  2. […] Exadel Tiggr: sharing feature [in pictures] […]

  3. […] Exadel Tiggr: sharing feature [in pictures] […]

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