3 ways to share Tiggr prototype

There are three ways to share Tiggr prototype:

  • Invite users to collaborate during prototype design in real-time
  • Share a Web Preview version (generated HTML/JS/CSS)
  • Generate HTML bundle of the entire project and share it

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4 responses to “3 ways to share Tiggr prototype”

  1. Hello Max,
    a Tree component to show hierarchical data in mock ups would be a nice addition.
    hierarchical folders, that can be included in a panel.

    Thank You

  2. also some generic icons: one of these small triangle icons, or plus/minus, to show collapsible panels. or generic icons for chart, picture. doesnt have to translate into html markup, just a tiny image, a place holder, to show a chart is going here, a picture is going there.
    just some features i thought of. thank you

  3. @zixzigma:

    – Tree component is coming
    – Can you explain what you mean by hierarchical folders? Is it also a tree? An image would help
    – Icons are also coming.

    Also, if you can post any future comments on http://getsatisfaction.com/exadel, that would be great. We want everyone using Tiggr to see your feedback/comments. Thanks!

  4. yes, i meant a tree, sorry for being vague.
    i am very excited about the new features.
    ok, i will post to that address.
    thank you

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