New RichFaces 4 book

Happy 2011!

It’s new year, and what could be better than to start the first post of 2011 with some great RichFaces news.

New RichFaces 4 book
Ilya Shaikovsky (@ilya_shaikovsky ), a RichFaces team members and myself started working on a new RichFaces book. It’s the second edition of Practical RichFaces (Apress) book and will cover RichFaces version 4 and its new features such as client-side validation, cloud deployment and more. The book is scheduled to be released in April. I will be posting more updates as we write. Here is a (very) tentative TOC:

  1. Introduction
  2. Ajax in JSF 2
  3. Starting with RichFaces, Maven setup
  4. a4j:tags, features and concepts
  5. rich:tags
  6. Rich functions, component control
  7. Client validation
  8. Skins and themes
  9. Using with CDI/Seam/Spring
  10. Building custom components with CDK (Component Development Kit)
  11. Best practices, performance
  12. Using other component libraries together

(First edition cover)

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2 responses to “New RichFaces 4 book”

  1. Any chance of getting a preview ebook/PDF of some sort?

  2. @Ashesh: Not available yet, we are still writing.

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