RichFaces 4 Milestone 5 is out, next is Candidate Release

The RichFaces team has released RichFaces 4 Milestone 5. The next release is going to be a Candidate Release (CR). Milestone 5 adds new components such as fileUpload, panelMenu, toolbar, drag’n’drop, dropDownMenu and almost finished client-side validation. Read more about Milestone 5 release.

I’m personally very happy that the team is so close to releasing RichFaces 4 Final!

If you need to create, share and preview prototypes, please check out Tiggr –

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2 responses to “RichFaces 4 Milestone 5 is out, next is Candidate Release”

  1. Nice. A Richfaces implementation built specifically for JSF 2.0 is sorely missed right now. JSF 2.0 is certainly better core API, but I just can’t live up to the rich client requirements without the Richfaces component library. The Calendar and autocomplete components alone are an absolute must.

  2. @erik: calendar is going to be there as well as updated and improved auto complete.

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