Tiggr UI prototypes updates to version 1.2.6 with new features and enhancements

Tiggr, web-based UI prototyping tool for creating, sharing and previewing interactive HTML prototypes updated to version 1.2.6. It’s free, try it today! This new version brings a number of new features and enhancements:

Mobile preview

Mobile preview now shows the prototype within the actual screen size you defined in properties:

More sharing options

If you shared a project before, the user you shared with had full access to the project, he or she could edit, delete, preview and invite others to share. Starting with this release, you can control what permissions each user has. And, you can invite multiple users at once, just separate emails with a comma or semicolon:

Navigate added to menu component

It was possible to navigate between pages using a link, button or an image but somehow we missed the menu. Well, it’s now possible to navigate via menu as well. Drag and drop a menu into a page and head to properties to set navigation:

Other new features:

  • New spacer control (web and mobile palette), new link control (mobile palette)
  • Tabs on a tab layout container can now be positioned top, bottom, left and right
  • Edit mode after insert
  • Easily edit grid and table rows/columns
  • New property for setting tab index
  • Radio button groups
  • Delete account option

To read about these features, visit the official Tiggr blog: Tiggr 1.2.6 brings new features and enhancements.

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