Tiggr HTML prototypes adds powerful new features: events/actions, page templates, custom components, and annotations.

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Tiggr 2.0 packs powerful new features: expanded events/actions, templates, custom components and annotations. Try the new Tiggr today

Events and actions

We have greatly expanded actions and events feature and now in addition to navigating between pages, you can set events such as click, value change and associate actions with those events such as setting a value, opening a pop-up window and much more. We are taking HTML prototypes to, well, real HTML prototypes. The following actions are supported (and more are coming soon):

  • Set HTML attribute
  • Set Property
  • Navigate to Page
  • Navigate to Link
  • Open as Popup
  • Close Popup

To start using the expanded events/actions features, just switch to the new Events tab.

Page templates

Who doesn’t need or like templates? As the prototype becomes bigger, making changes that repeat on every page becomes more difficult and time consuming. That’s why we just introduced templates – frequently requested feature!. You will be able to save any screen as a template and then use the template to create new pages based on it. How do you like this time-saving feature!

Custom components

Need to reuse two or more components multiple times? Now you can create a composite custom component to use anywhere in your project. The composite component will appear in Custom Components palette. To create such component, just select two or more components and click Create Template button.


Collaborating and sharing the prototype was possible since the beginning. However, it can be very useful to be able to leave notes or comments inside the prototype for users to view later such as “Change button label to “Save”. Now it’s possible with the Annotations features. Another cool and useful feature! To activate annotations, click Show Annotations at the bottom of the application.

New View with three tabs – Explorer, Outline and Components

To make it easier to work with projects that have large number of pages, we have created a new view which combines Explorer, Outline and Components tabs. Explorer tab is for pages, Outline tab is for quick navigation, and Components tabs has all the controls you can use to create prototypes, it will also list your custom components.

Feedback from the community

We also fixed or added the following issues reported by users:

You can always tell us what you think by visiting http://getsatisfaction.com/gotiggr or on Twitter: @gotiggr.com.

Happy Interactive Prototyping!

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