Practical RichFaces book, 2nd edition is almost finished

You may have heard that Ilya Shaikovsky (@ilya_shaikovsky), RichFaces team member and I have been working on Practical RichFaces book 2nd edition. This edition covers the new RichFaces 4. The good news is that we are almost done (yes!). This is the final outline for the book. Expect the book to be available in mid August.

  1. The Basics
  2. Starting with RichFaces
  3. RichFaces core: a4j:tags, features and concepts
  4. RichFaces UI: Introduction to rich components
  5. Rich input components
  6. Rich output components
  7. Rich menu components
  8. Rich data iteration components
  9. Rich tree components
  10. Rich drag and drop
  11. Rich validation
  12. Rich components JavaScript API, client functions, and using jQuery
  13. RichFaces Skins
  14. RichFaces CDK: Building custom components

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  1. waiting good news

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