JSF/RichFaces Workshop, Plus 1-Day Conference In Vienna, Austria, Sept 7-9

I will be in Vienna, Austria, September 7-9 teaching a 2-day JSF, RichFaces workshop, plus presenting 2 sessions at 1-day conference. The workshop and the conference are co-sponsored by Objective and UNIQA.

The first two days are dedicated to hands-on JSF and RichFaces workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn everything you need to build rich enterprise applications with JSF and RichFaces.

The third day will be run in a conference format where a number of speakers will present on various technologies. You can find the schedule here.

Day 1 & 2 – JSF/RichFaces Workshop

Day 1: JSF

This is a hands-on workshop (no slides!), we will spend most of the time building a JSF application.

  • JSF UI components
  • JSF Core components
  • Managed beans and configuration
  • Navigation
  • Conversation and validation
  • Events (value change, action)
  • JSF life cycle

Day 2: RichFaces

We will cover the new RichFaces 4 and demonstrate advanced features, tags, customization and richness it adds on top of JSF 2. We will spend most of the time running and building examples (no slides!)

  • JSF Ajax features concepts
    • Sending an Ajax request
    • Partial view rendering
    • Partial view processing
  • RichFaces a4j:* tag library
  • RichFaces rich:* tag library
  • RichFaces client validation
  • RichFaces Skins

Day 3: 1-Day Conference

Last day is a conference format with the following sessions:

  • RichFaces 4 (Max Katz, Exadel)
  • Integration of JSF 2 applications in Portlet 2.0 Portals (Thomas Kestler, Objective)
  • RichFaces 4 rolling to Mobile Era (Lukáš Fry?, Red Hat)
  • Building Mobile Web and Native Apps in the Cloud (Max Katz, Exadel)
  • What is ADF, how to build its first application, advantages and disadvantages, integration
  • with EJB/JPA2.0 (Thomas Kestler, Objective)
  • Testing JSF with Arquillian and Selenium (Lukáš Fry?, Red Hat)
  • JSF Experience Report (Herbert Dowalil, UNIQA)

You can see the full schedule here.


Conference only € 99, – per participant
Workshop only € 199, – per participant
Workshop and conference € 249, – per participant

Don’t wait, register today!

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