Pretty Darn Good Tools – Building a Mobile App With Tiggr and Parse

I’m not sure whether there is any other way to describe it but building a mobile app in Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder and connecting to Parse mobile back end is super easy and fast!

Here is how the app look in design time in Tiggr:

There are three REST services on the right which connect to Parse mobile back end. The services are for loading the current list items, creating new list item and deleting a list item. For example, this is how the service URL to get all List items looks:

List – is a class I created in Parse.

This is how the service URL looks for deleting an item:

objectId – is the class Id to delete.

Parse mobile back end is very easy to use and is very elegant.

Here is how the actual app look when running:

I’ll publishing the actual tutorial on how to build this app.

It’s almost funny how fast a mobile app can be build using Tiggr and Parse. The app was built in about 30 minutes, with nothing to download or install, all the tools are in the cloud.

Happy New Year!


  1. Seb says:

    Parse is very elegant as you say. I have also used Cocoafish and Kinvey cloud-based backends, and I think the three are all very well matched, although Cocoafish edged it for me with their selection of predefined objects on top of their database wrapper.

    I think these mobile backend services will really come to the fore is 2012/13. Good article.

  2. The {username}:{password} cited in the article as an auth parameter in the request for should be Base64 encoded …

  3. max says:

    @Sankar: Why should {username}:{password} be Base64 encoded?

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