Tiggzi – The Cloud-based HTML5 and Hybrid Mobile App Builder, Now Free!

Last week we have we have renamed our cloud-based mobile app builder to Tiggzi (from Tiggr). Tiggzi is the most powerful and easy to use cloud-based mobile app builder.

Free Plan!

But, even more interesting news (for you) is that now we have a Free plan. No credit card nothing, just sign up and start building your mobile app.

All the gotiggr.com links work and will continue working and we will be updating all the social media links. For now, use the links below to get help.

Docs and Getting Started

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41 responses to “Tiggzi – The Cloud-based HTML5 and Hybrid Mobile App Builder, Now Free!”

  1. This is a great tool! Very easy to use and great features!

  2. Jennifer O'Connor Avatar
    Jennifer O’Connor

    This is a great tool for event professionals! It is a very simple app that someone who doesn’t have much experience with technology can navigate and create on their own.

  3. Jenna Bachmeyer Avatar

    I think this is a great tool to be utilized for events. The ability to display information and have interaction on the app is awesome! I think this will go very far, seeing as how it is very easy to use, and can be very helpful in the long run.

  4. Lindsay Blackmon Avatar
    Lindsay Blackmon

    Tiggzi is a great tool to use for events. The user friendly app creating makes it easy for anyone to use. A planner can now make something fun and easy for the attendees to use to follow schedules, speakers, other attendees and it is “green”.

  5. I believe that Tiggzi would be great for events. Not only does it seem easy to use, It also formats everything to see well which is a great feature. Along with what Lindasy said above, It will make it easier to follow attendees, speakers and the scheldue of the event. With technology coming so far along, more people are using up-to-date aps and this one seem to be just what event planners were waiting for!

  6. Brittney Farwell Avatar
    Brittney Farwell

    This is a great tool to use for special events because you can design the app to fit your particular event which will be beneficial to anyone using it! Anyone can learn how to use this tool even if you have never used something like it before, and after you learn the basics it becomes fun to create it!

  7. Julie Montecalvo Avatar
    Julie Montecalvo

    This tool is easy to use and can become extremely useful for events. This can help you create buzz about your event, keep you in contact with the event for updates, assist in customer service (guest will be able to check schedule of events) and can also be used to help the event sponsor receive great ROI.

  8. Ann Marie Tipton Avatar
    Ann Marie Tipton

    Tiggzi is an excellent tool that event planners can utilize when building an app to promote their special event! It is very user friendly and have plenty of tutorials to help out first time users.

  9. Lindsey Galassini Avatar
    Lindsey Galassini

    This was a great tool and really helpful. It was also very easy to navigate and learn how to use.

  10. This program is a really neat idea, though I think it could have been more user friendly. Having to undo everything after making a small mistake is a time waster and kind of a stressor when using the program

  11. I enjoyed learning Tiggzi. Prior to this project, I had never heard of this website to create mobile apps. I always thought that creating mobile apps was something that was extremely expensive and difficult to create. Through using Tiggzi, I have learned otherwise! I believe that I will definitely consider using this website to create mobile apps for my own personal and professional use as an event professional!

  12. This was a great site! I enjoyed learning about it and plan to use it someday in the future. I think that this is a great alternative as opposed to hiring a company to make an app. It was a little confusing at the beginning, but the chat tool made it really easy to get any questions answered. Try it!

  13. This site is a great user friendly way to learn how to create an app! One of the benefits of the site is that it allows you to view the app to see what it would look like from a users perspective.

  14. Tiggzi was a great tool to learn how to create mobile apps. I really liked that you could view the app at portrait and landscape. It could be very beneficial to event planners and anyone in the industry, to create an application for their event. Another bonus is the ability to test the app before you finish it.

  15. Rachael Correia Avatar
    Rachael Correia

    Tiggzi is a great site for creating a mobile app. It was easy to use and also allowed you to test the app out before publishing it. It was very easy to navigate around on which was a plus because if your not good with technology you can still successful create an app with no stress!

  16. Tiggzi was fun and easy to use. Being interested in the latest technologies, Tiggzi was definitely exciting to work with. It is a great tool for both experienced and inexperienced planners. It has great potential as a potential source of income for events. Though there is a charge for the tool, a planner can charge fees for advertising space to sponsors or vendors. It can also be used to create direct links for donation or sales at a particular event. Overall, I enjoyed working with Tiggzi and will definitely use it in the future.

  17. Using Tiggzi was a easily accessible app creator. My group and I could work on this app creator as a team to create an app for a bridal expo with a Paris theme. It turned out great with how easy it was to add in links for the buttons and how easy it was to add pictures to each page of the app. We made the font colors different and the font text different just by following along with easy directions taught to us by Tiggzi. I recommend this app creator to anyone who in interested in creating their own unique app!

  18. Jennifer McLean Avatar
    Jennifer McLean

    Tiggzi was a great website to learn how to create an app! User friendly and easy to use.

  19. Tierney Stecher Avatar
    Tierney Stecher

    Triggzi was a little complicated at first to use but once you were able to play around with the program you were able to create an amazing app. The features triggzi allows you to create are un stoppable and would allow anyone to create an app for their event.

  20. With everyone turning to technology and having an on the go lifestyle, this tool makes it so easy for people to stay informed about their event! It is so easy to use and I recommend it immensely!

  21. Tiggzi is very simple and easy to use after taking time to play around with it. It is a great way to stay connected especially with international events. It is also another way to display sponsors and advertising.

  22. This application is an easy to use platform that allows endless possibilities for creativity while including useful application aspects that can enhance virtually any part of your event or business. With help functions and preset button inclusions for many of the main mobile necessities, Tiggzi sets it’s user up for immediate success. I will definitely utilize this in my future business endeavors.

  23. When I first found out that we were going to be learning how to build apps in my International Events class I was really excited. It sounded like an exciting project. The Tiggzi software was really easy to use and it was really fun to build my own app with my group. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to use the program.

  24. This program was great and easy to understand. I think it will be helpful in communicating information to event attendees in the future. I would recommend this program to others who are hoping to have apps for their events.

  25. As a student in the field of Non-profit Event Management I can see how this site can help special events become more successful. I created a trial app to see how it worked and it was amazing! The options available and the simple, easy to use, drag and drop system made this site a must for any event planner who would like to get their information to attendees quick and easy. Great thing about an app is that you don’t have to shuffle through a bag of goodies and papers to find the information you’re looking for. You just open it up and click on the link you need. My only wish is that there is a student version we could use for free to help out around campus! Still, I highly recommend Tiggzi!

  26. Selina C. Mullenax Avatar
    Selina C. Mullenax

    Tiggzi was definitely user friendly and easy for someone to learn. Having never worked with a toold like this, I was able to create a mobile app exactly the way I had envisioned it. Awesome!

  27. Tiggzi was very unique, something I have never experienced before. I enjoyed working with the program/website and feel it is a very useful tool for the future. It can be used for almost any event!

  28. This is a great learning tool. It is very useful for planning future events and is very easy to navigate through. I found it easy to use as well

  29. As the world becomes “smarter” with increased use of smart phones, programs like Tiggzi are essential in making events “smarter” and allowing for ultimate event attendee engagement. Tiggzi is a user-friendly program that was a lot easier to use than I thought it would be and has so many capabilities! I can see a program of this nature being useful with virtually any event wanting to engage attendees in a fun and relevant way.

  30. A great tool that was way to use and awesome for students to learn

  31. I thought the website had some great features like the drag and drop. The options were abundant which was nice, to bad we could not access some of them.

  32. I used this website to create an app for my international events class, I felt that the website was very helpful for an international event because it was easy access for attendees and exhibitors alike. Especially in an international event where people come from all over it is ideal to have an app that is applicable to people who speak different languages, and want to find out the newest updates about the event without actually having to use a computer. The app was easy to create even the most technically retarded person could figure out how to use it.

  33. Tiggzi was pretty easy to navigate once when you read the tutorial that they offer. If you have ever used weebly for your website, it has the similar set-up to creating a mobile iphone app. I used this website to create an app for a class and was delighted to learn about this website to help for future references. The app was very easy to create and there are a few backgrounds you can choose from. This is a very user-friendly program.

  34. Kimberly Torres Avatar
    Kimberly Torres

    Tiggzi was a little complicated at first, but once you played around with it a few times it was simple and easy. This is like a “plug-in” app where you get to use your creativity to create, save and re-use your own project. A great app for planning future events!

  35. Tiggizi is the new and upcoming site to create apps. It features a simple, easy to understand template to create your apps that a non-savvy computer user can use. It was quick and easy to create an app and offered “Test” feature allowed you to easily see your work in progress. I would definitely recommend this website and will continue to use it in the future!

  36. Danielle Nugent Avatar
    Danielle Nugent

    Tiggizi is a great app that will benefit its users when it comes time to plan events. The tutorial was easy to use and was helpful when learning the program. You are able to test and view your app just as you would see it on your phone. I used the Tiggizi app in a class of mine for college and it was very educating to the entire class. I recommend using it and its going to continue to become more efficient.

  37. Christina Tauceda Avatar
    Christina Tauceda

    Tiggizi is user friendly way to create an app for your event ! Now a days almost everyone has a smart phone and creating an app allows users to take all the information about an event with them everywhere. It is very easy and it allows you to personalize your app any way you want . I highley recomend it !

  38. Once I got the hang of how the program worked, it was a great tool to use! It was interesting to think deeper on how mobile apps are used and what should and should not be put into them.

  39. This was a really cool learning tool. I think it is going to be very beneficial to future Rosen College students that are planning events – and other activities. IT was easy to use and understand and would definitely use it in the future.

  40. I enjoyed using this website to learn more about how to create an App. Since this is something that is so vital to everyday, it is nice to see how it is done and how easy and fast it really is to complete. Great learning tool.

  41. I started using this for a school project and I ended up really liking it! I found it easy to use and extremely helpful! I think this app is going to very helpful in the event planning community. I found the tutorial easy to navigate and very helpful. The app allows for a lot of personalization as well which is great for event planners. Overall, I think any planner using this for their event is going to have a lot of success with it and a lot of positive feedback.

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