Mapping the Tools in the Mobile Development Ecosystem – And How Tiggzi Mobile App Builder Fits In

ReadWriteMobile has posted an interesting Infographic created by Kinvey mapping the current mobile ecosystem (click on image to view larger version):

(Image source:

First of all thanks to Kinvey for creating this wonderful map and including Tiggzi in it (blue Mobile SDK line). Tiggzi could actually span 3 different lines: BaaS, Mobile SDK and Mobile API. Tiggzi is a cloud-based HTML5 mobile app builder, so it’s not exactly a mobile SDK. In fact, the technology under the hood is HTML, JavaScript and jQuery Mobile. For hybrid apps, the app can be wrapped in PhoneGap, which also provides access to native device features. So, there is no really “custom” SDK.

Second, from the builder it’s incredibly easy to consume any REST API (yellow Mobile API line). Tiggzi comes with a pretty nice REST services console where any service can be tested. From the same console, the REST service response (structure) can be automatically created. Once the service is defined, it is mapped to jQuery Mobile UI using a visual mapper (UI to service input, service output to UI).

Thirdly, as most BaaS services (orange line) are exposed as REST, HTML5 mobile app built in Tiggzi, can easily connect and use those services.

Lastly, and maybe the most important point is how incredibly fast you can build apps. It sort of all makes sense.. you got cloud-based mobile backend (exposed as REST) and cloud-based app builder to build the apps. It sounds simple.. but a really elegant picture.

This perfectly describes Tiggzi. Tiggzi is cloud-based builder for creating HTML5, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, and RESTful mobile apps.

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2 responses to “Mapping the Tools in the Mobile Development Ecosystem – And How Tiggzi Mobile App Builder Fits In”

  1. Tiggzi is by far the best Mobile IDE,I have ever seen. While I am looking for more JQuery mobile specific components to be available inside, it is pretty have to really try out things and write javascript (which is easy) to explore the power of Tiggzi.

    One might have seen a lot of companies and people talk about Agile,Scrum methodologies ,Rapid Application development,Test driven development,continuous integration etc w.r.t Software engineering and best practices. All these are given to you in a platter on Tiggzi. You dont have to reinvent the wheel.

    Secondly ,Already every service out there is being made available as a webservice. REST and JSON are becoming as ubiquitous as http. If you believe in this, Tiggzi already gives you everything in the world to handle this.

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