Tiggzi Mobile App Builder at AT&T Mobile App Hackathon in San Diego, March 23 – 24

Tomorrow I’m going to AT&T Mobile App Hackathon in San Diego. I got 7 minutes(!) to demonstrate how powerful Tiggzi Mobile App Builder for building mobile apps. And because it’s so incredible fast – I will actually build a real app in 7 minutes! Anyone who uses Tiggzi will be ahead of the game.

Tiggzi Mobile App Builder comes with a Free plan but anyone who signs up during the hackathon will get 4 months Pro plan (free).


  1. Marco says:

    Good luck Max!

    The event was filmed? If yes … can you send me the link?

  2. max says:

    @Marco: Some parts were recorded last night, I’d ask @alex_donn – he organized the event.

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