Back From My First Mobile Hackathon

This past weekend I attended my first mobile hackathon in San Diego sponsored by ATT. On the first day (Friday evening), the event started with 7-minute presentations by ATT, City of San Diego, HTC, and BlakcBerry, and myself. I presented Tiggzi Mobile App Builder and showed how quickly and easy it is to build mobile apps connected to any REST API. Anyone who signed up for a Tiggzi account during the event got 4 months Pro plan free!

Above, Alex Donn, the event organizer is opening the event with a presentation on ATT API and various cloud-based tools.

On day second (Saturday), 6-8 teams got together and started building mobile apps using AT&T API, mHealth API, City of San Diego Data, HTC PenUltimate API and many others.

I spent most of the time helping build a CROWDS app using Google Map API and as mobile back-end to store data.

CROWDS – A mobile app that anonymously, and in the background, sends your geolocation to the cloud. A simple GUI that gives you a birds eye map view of the crowds. Zoomable, moveable, simplicity. Don’t go to Disneyland when you can only go on 2 rides for the whole day. Check out CROWDS and “know when to go”. Knowledge is power!

I also helped 3 other teams who used Tiggzi Mobile App Builder. One of the teams that used Tiggzi took 3rd place – Best Overall App. I had an awesome time! Thanks to Alex Donn and Ben Nelson for organizing a wonderful event. Looking forward to more AT&T hackathons. One last thing I must mention is the food at the hackathon – it was excellent.

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2 responses to “Back From My First Mobile Hackathon”

  1. Great…Glad to hear everything went well.
    Its great to see events like these been organised.
    Only wish I could have gone as i’m only learning 😦
    The CROWDS app sounds interesting. Maybe whenever you get a chance you might share it 😉

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