HTML5, jQuery Mobile Visual Builder

Tiggzi is a cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap mobile app builder. It comes with a very powerful and easy to use visual, drag-and-drop builder for HTML5 and jQuery Mobile.

The mobile UI is built by simply dragging and dropping components from the palette on the left into the mobile device frame. Once a component is inserted into the mobile screen, its properties can be changed in the right panel (Properties). You can also set HTML events (click, value change, etc) in the right panel (Events).

Creating the app layout is incredibly simple. You don’t need to worry about pixels. There is a powerful Grid component which allows you to create very flexible layouts. You can easily rearrange the components and even nest grids.

In addition to jQuery Mobile, there are HTML5 components such as audio, and video. There is also Google Map component. In case you need more control and flexibility, there is a special Panel component which allows to insert any custom HTML code.

Another very powerful feature is testing. Because the app you are building is a HTML5, jQuery Mobile you can instantly test it in the browser (desktop) or the actual mobile device. I only covered the visual builder in this post, but you can also connect to REST API services, create data bindings and export the app as mobile web or PhoneGap app (Android, iOS). I’ll cover that in another post. For now, go to and sign up for the Free plan.


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