Going To AT&T Mobile Hackathon, and Mobile Monday: Multi-platform Build Tools

We are going to be at two really awesome events. First is the AT&T Mobile Hackathon in Seattle April 13-14. Tiggzi app builder is really an amazing tool to use during hackathons simply because it allows to build HTML5 and PhoneGap mobile apps super fast, connected to any REST API. Anyone who attends the hackathon in Seattle and wants to use Tiggzi (or just wants to sign up) will get 4 months free Pro account (that’s $200 value).

The second is Mobile Monday: Multi-platform Build Tools event on Monday, April 16 at Verizon offices in San Francisco. There are going to be 4 great presentations:

  1. PhoneGap (Adobe)
  2. Tiggzi Mobile App Builder
  3. Marmalade
  4. Trigger.io

See you there!

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One response to “Going To AT&T Mobile Hackathon, and Mobile Monday: Multi-platform Build Tools”

  1. Good luck in your presentation! I’m rooting for you!

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