Gluecon Hackathon And The First Tiggzi App Builder Plug-in: AT&T SMS API

Today and tomorrow I’m Gluecon for the mobile hackathon being run during the conference. Tiggzi app builder is already an amazing tool for hackathons but now we are making it even faster to build apps. We just released our first public Plugin for AT&T SMS API. With a few clicks, you can import the plugin that has pre-packaged REST services configured to send SMS messages using AT&T API. There is even a sample page from which you can test the service.

There are two ways to import the plugin. You can add the plugin when a new app is created or import into already existing app.

Adding to a new app

  1. From Apps page, click Start Now
  2. Click App Builder > Go
  3. Click Mobile App > Start Now
  4. Select Blank Mobile App template, click Next
  5. Enter app name and click Add Plugins
  6. Select Communication/AT&T SMS
  7. Click Create Project With Select Plugins
  8. As AT&T API requires authentication, you can optionally enter all the information here:

    This information can be found in AT&T app settings. If you don’t enter the information during this step, you can enter it by going to Project > ServiceSettings after the app has been created
  9. That’s it, the app is created with the AT&T SMS plugin:

Adding to an existing app

  1. If you have an existing app, from Projects view click the block icon (to the right of Create New… button)
  2. Then select the plugin:
  3. Click Import Select Plugins and you are done


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