The Complete Mobile Platform: Tiggzi App Builder Adds Mobile Backend Services

Tiggzi started an a cloud-based visual mobile app builder. You can build HTML5, jQuery Mobile apps connected to any REST APIs. You can also export the app as Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) and use its device API, to get an Android, iOS or Windows Phone app. Tiggzi app builder comes with a powerful REST API editor as as well visual data mapping editor, where you can map services to the UI (and the other way). It’s an excellent fit for the “small” API explosion happening right now. Everyone is exposing their resources as REST APIs and want developers to build apps using their APIs. Most API provides offer some specific functionality such as sending an SMS message and that’s fine and very useful but what happens if you need a custom backend or a place to store app data? Another example is Facebook. Facebook API is obviously very powerful and if you need to post to the Timeline, you can easily do that. But if you are building a ToDo like app, you can’t store your tasks in Facebook. There are a number of backend as a service companies that you can use today but that required signing up for another service. We relized this is a unique opportunity to provide the complete mobile stack for developers: cloud app builder (IDE) and cloud backend services.

As the first offering in Tiggzi backend services, we just launched Tiggzi Database available at Tiggzi Database is a cloud database that provides a backend and storage for your mobile app. It comes with elegant REST API’s so you can easily show, create, edit, and delete app data. Tiggzi Database comes with built-in User Management. It’s powerful, scalable and easy to use. It works seamlessly with Tiggzi app builder. Additional services we are working on is push, server-code, analytics, and file upload.

Developers can now get the complete (full stack), cloud-based mobile platform: Tiggzi visual app builder (for creating HTML5, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap apps)+ Tiggzi backend services (database and more) + 3rd party REST APIs. As we move forward, we are going to add seamless integration in the app builder for using Tiggzi database (and other services such as push). For example, when you create new REST service, you will be able to select or browser all your collections or create a new database/collection right in the wizard. We can also instantly generate a CRUD-like app once you point to a collection.

Tiggzi mobile app platform:

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