Tutorial Creating jQuery Mobile App with Tiggzi Database API – MongoDB [Pictures]

We just published a step-by-step tutorial on building a jQuery Mobile app with Tiggzi Database API.

It was always incredible simple to build app in Tiggzi, now that Tiggzi added a cloud database, it has become even easier and faster. Check out this screen cast.

Creating the UI with a visual editor

The first step is to build the UI with jQuery Mobile.

Creating database

Create a database and a collection for your app data. Everything is instantly exposed via RES API and you even get curl hints.

Defining REST service

Defining the services includes the following:

  1. Setting up service URL
  2. Defining request parameters
  3. Testing the service
  4. From test results, automatically defining service’s response parameters (JSON structure)

Setting REST service URL

Setting up service URL to point to Tiggzi database/collection.

Defining request parameters

Setting up database id.

Testing the service

Right on the spot test the service to make sure it works.

Response parameters (JSON structure)

From test response, you can automatically create the service’s output.

Mapping the service to UI

Binding the service to UI.

Testing the app in browser

Testing the app in browser (there is also an option to test without the mobile frame)

Try the tutorial!

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