MongoDB Integration in Tiggzi App Builder

Back in July we launched Tiggzi Database for storing app data. It’s the first offering from Tiggzi Backend Services. We are now working on Push, and Server-side code. Last week we also added File API for storing files.

Tiggzi Database is MongoDB but with some really nice extra features. First, is the web console for managing databases, managing collections, and even trying out queries:

Second, everything in the database is instantly exposed via REST API. The web console offers curl request commands to make it very easy to try it:

Anything that’s exposed via REST, you can easily use that service in Tiggzi app builder. It can be a database, or any 3rd party REST API. When using 3rd party REST API, you add a new service, set its URL, define its request parameters and then define its response parameter.

As the database is part of the Tiggzi mobile platform, we are able to give you much better integration between the builder and the database (and other soon available services). It’s very simple but extremely powerful. From the app builder, you can browse all the databases you have, select a particular collection and instantly generate all the REST services for that collection. Check it out.

Create New > Database Services

Once you select a database, you can see what collections it has:

You can select which services you want to generate. The top section lists User management services.

The services selected will be generated under Services folder:

Every generated service is ready to be used, the URL is set, the request parameters are set, and the response parameters are set. Here is an example of create service (POST):

If you are wondering what’s next? We are planning to add a full CRUD generation, in addition to services, we will also generate the mobile pages.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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One response to “MongoDB Integration in Tiggzi App Builder”

  1. very nice work …have to try it out

    i had dabbled with tiggr, but this looks far more sophisticated

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