Tiggzi Mobile Platform: App Builder + APIs + Backend Services

Tiggzi mobile app platform:

App Builder

Visual UI builder running in the browser (think cloud IDE).

HTML5, JS, CSS, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap

That app that you build in Tiggzi is an HTML5/jQuery Mobile app. You can also easily use PhoneGap API to access device features and package (build) the app for Android, and iOS.

3rd party REST API services

Quickly use any 3rd party REST API in your app. Tiggzi alos provides plug-ins (pre-packaged API services and pages) to make it even faster to add functionality to an app.

Backend services

Tiggzi Backend Services provides a cloud database for storing app data. The database comes with User management, File Management and a very awesome web console. There is also HTML5 app hosting. We are working on Push, Serveri-side code, and Analytics features.

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  1. […] have the option to write any JavaScript. You can connect to any 3rd party REST API, instantly add a mobile backend, test the app, and finally export the app as HTML5 or build for Android, or iOS. Tiggzi is emerging […]

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