It's Out: Tiggzi App Builder Created With HTML5 and JavaScript (beta)

I personally have been waiting for this moment for the past couple of months. The (first) beta version of Tiggzi new HTML5/JavaScript mobile app builder is out. The builder is created entirely with HTML5/JavaScript (no more Flash!). As I blogged before, this is super exciting because it’s the first cloud-based tool built with HTML5/JS that allows you to build real HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Windows 8 apps. You get visual, drag-and-drop UI tools, but still have the option to write any JavaScript. You can connect to any 3rd party REST API, instantly add a mobile backend, test the app, and finally export the app as HTML5 or build for Android, or iOS. Tiggzi is emerging as the most powerful cloud-based app platform = app builder + APIs + backend services.

Do keep in mind, it is still a beta (early beta) so some features will not work or not yet implemented (from the Flash builder). But do give it a try (there is always the Free plan) and let us know what you think, we really want to hear your feedback.

To create an app in the new builder, click Create more options:

Then check Open in new (beta) app builder option:

New builder welcome page:

Visual designer in the new builder:

Also, do keep in mind:

  • Any already existing projects will only open in the current Flash builder.
  • Any new projects, once created in the new builder, will only open in the new builder.

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  1. Thank you for the valuable information and also explaining it in such great detail. It really helped!

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