Mobile Front-end Tooling, Backend as a Service, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform – Where Does Fit?

Our friends at Kinvey posted a really nice video/interactive diagram explaining how Kinvey works.  Here is a screen shot:

Source: Left side: BaaS. Center: MEAP. Right side: Front-end

Where does platform fit in this diagram?

From the website:

The only cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services

The Front-end (visual development tools) provides a drag and drop (visual) editor for creating mobile front-ends. More specifically, it uses HTML5 and jQuery Mobile components to build the app UI. It also includes Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) to create hybrid apps, and provides a cloud build to generate binary files for iOS and Android. Developers gain even more power and flexibility with complete source code editing.

Backend as a Service (integrated backend services)

The platform provides integrated backend services that includes:

  • Database for app storage, user management, file management
  • Push Notifications
  • Server Code – for writing any custom app logic
  • HTML5 app hosting

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is like a MEAP but it was designed from the beginning  for the cloud and mobile first. It’s a cloud platform for building, running and managing mobile web and hybrid apps. It’s running in the public could but can also be installed in the private cloud. And, the team is working on adding military-grade security options to the apps. is the only complete platform. I hope it can be added to this diagram in the next version!

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