1. art says:

    hello – thank you for the video
    I am following your instructions exactly but get the following error when I test

    My error is: Can’t perform substitution for {model}

    any help would be great!

    1. maxkatz says:

      Can you post a screen shot of the Test tab?

  2. there is not a way to post an image here?

  3. Here is a screenshot:

    1. maxkatz says:

      You need to enter values for make, model, and year.

      1. Art says:

        I get the same error even if I enter values

      2. maxkatz says:

        I think you have a syntax typo: {model –> {model}

  4. ok fixed that and still getting this as an error?

    1. maxkatz says:

      Rename {model} to {carmodel} and see if that helps. Do that in the URL and Request tabs.

  5. looks like that fixed the issue – how would i builf another element for submodel, the same way ?

    Thanks for your help!

  6. specifically , I am trying to grab the honda civic natural gas submodel….

    1. maxkatz says:

      Check Edmunds API to see how to construct such request. From this example, you can place placeholders in the URL and replace them with values when you run the app.

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